Food Photography & Styling eCourse


Hello! Welcome to this very exciting food photography and styling course which officially begins Monday 3rd June! I’m really grateful to have you along and I’m so looking forward to seeing you grow and develop and hopefully have lots of Aha! moments.

The first week’s schedule for the course is below and if you haven’t already, please join our facebook group. I started an introduction post if you’d like to share a little about you, your social media links etc. it would be lovely for everyone to get to know each other.

Please do read through each section before the assignment, even if you already use Manual mode there may be some useful tips in the Camera Settings section that may help.

If you post anything on Instagram please use the #gatherstylecreate hashtag. If you also tag me @catherine_frawley I will be able to see it.

Good luck, enjoy and have fun!

Beetroot Ravioli 01.JPG

The Small Print: this course in it’s entirety is copyright Catherine Frawley. It can not be shared publicly or privately, reproduced in part or in whole with anyone who has not signed up to this course. I’m just a one woman show supporting her family with her camera and stealing makes me :(