Food Photography & Styling eCourse



Week One To Do List

I love a to do list and ticking things off so here’s your to - do list for week one.

  1. Send me your before images, 4 of your best images, don’t second guess, don’t worry just send me four images that you are happy with or pretty happy with or just don’t hate! (I know when I first started I thought everything I produced was awful and didn’t want to share!) but this is just between us. Send them to me via WeTransfer to

  2. Join the FB Group, leave an introduction about yourself

  3. Go through the basics, if you know your camera settings you may skip this, but if you are not working in Manual Mode, then turn your camera to Aperture Priority (AV on the dial)

  4. Find the light. Work out the best spot and time in your home where you can take your images.

  5. Work on developing or refining your style, create a Pinterest Board or use the Save feature on Instagram. Share your Pinterest boards on the FB group maybe others can pin point your style preferences for you.

  6. Download a colour wheel, just google Colour Wheel, the options are endless, find one that makes sense to you, some are more indepth than others

  7. Read through all the lessons as I refer back to various points in your assignment!

  8. Create your first assignment!