This was a truly inspirational course. Catherine’s information sheets are fantastic and the very best is that the group shares their work so I learned as much from Catherine’s brilliant critique of the other’s photos as I did from her on my attempts.

Value for money? Unbelievably so! fun? Absolutely! Should you do it?
A big YES from me
— Lucy Cufflin
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a guide to developing your food photography & styling

Starts September 2019

Registration now open!


Is photographing your lunch or coffee even still a 'thing'? Next to drone shots of perfectly placed couples on empty pink sandy beaches, coffee shots or platters of steaming food are still social media winners and you don't need to invest in a drone or flight classes. But this course is going to take you beyond that and help you distinguish between a 'snap' and a photograph. There's nothing wrong with a coffee shot but let's make it good one.


So...If you want to start or develop your current skills to create consistent and compelling imagery for your own website/portfolio/social media then this 4 Week eCourse will leave you feeling motivated, inspired and ready to take your imagery and business to the next level.


  • 4 weeks of lessons, including basics like camera settings and composition

  • Weekly assignments to push you to create and develop your skills

  • Learn in real time or at your own convenience

  • Step by Step guides to how I create a food story, how I use light and starting points to create effortlessly styled images

  • Access to a private members only online community, where you can post your weekly assignments and I will personally critique and offer advice on your work

  • Post course, submit up to 4 images you have created for critique (up to 4 months from the course commencing particularly for those who can't commit to real time learning)

Thank you I loved taking the course.
I learnt so much from you on how to style food effortlessly,
you made it so very interesting too.
— Louise Howell
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Dates & Pricing

Begins Monday 9th September 2019

for a total of four weeks.

September 2019 4 Week Ecourse
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The course includes the following:

Week One

  • All the fundamentals, including camera basics, light, angles, your style and composition

  • Your first assignment, with a visual step by step guide on how I created my version of the assignment

  • What’s in my kit bag

Week Two

  • Storytelling, what this means and how I create my work

  • Props and access to my little black book of prop sources

  • Your second assignment, with a visual step by step guide on how I created my version of the assignment

Week Three

  • Pushing the image, what this means and a visual guide to explain

  • When to create head on images and how

  • Your third assignment, with a visual step by step guide on how I created my version of the assignment

Week Four

  • Editing

  • When to create 3/4 images and how

  • Your fourth assignment, with a visual step by step guide on how I created my version of the assignment

  • Next steps

  • Bonus lesson on dark imagery

about Catherine

I've been a full time photographer for over 10 years, specialising in food and lifestyle. I've photographed two cook books for Quadrille Publishing and work regularly for UK National publications. I create online content for food and lifestyle brands such as Soho House and I work with independent companies, big and small to create imagery for their websites.

I have previously co-taught photography workshops and ecourses and run 1-2-1 workshops from my home studio. I love helping people create images they love.


Who is the course aimed at

Anyone who wants to up their food photography and styling skills, even if it's just that you want to master that art of a great coffee house image.

What equipment will I need

I will be using my Canon 5D Mark III and iPhone. There are some angles that I teach that are harder to master with an iPhone, not impossible but if you have a camera to use this will be to your advantage. There will also be a lesson on camera settings if you have a DSLR and are not quite sure how to use it. A tripod is really, really helpful but not essential.

How much time will I have to commit

As with anything it depends on how much you want to get out of something and how much time you have. I would estimate that at a minimum it will take about 30-60 mins to go through the weekly materials and then to practise and implement what we are discussing for the week, 1-2 hours.

I'm away for one of the weeks or not sure I can commit weekly

Don't worry, whilst it would be ideal to be able to do this in real time, there is always life to deal with, the course is set over 4 weeks because short time frames and weekly deadlines often push people to produce more. BUT the course materials will available for you to download up to 4 months after the course start time. So you can do as much as you can when you can.

What about the critiques if I can't finish the course in 4 weeks

I will critique as many images as possible during the 4 week course, via the online group. If you can’t manage the course during the 4 weeks, I critique up to 4 images if you submit them to me within 4 months of the course commencing.

I still have questions!

No problem, email me

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September 2019 4 Week Ecourse
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“Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed
this course. I’ll miss it!”
— Danielle