Food Photography & Styling eCourse




The aim of this course is to get you to see the difference between a snap and an image.


And what I mean by that, there is a big difference in an image that had some thought and care behind it to one that is thoughtless and taken in a hurry.


The secret behind food photography and styling even the most simplest of images, is the time, patience and thought that went into creating it. The big reveal, let’s get this out in the open straight away… 




there is no real way to do this kind of work quickly.


However, the great thing is, once you know this, it really does answer many peoples frustrations of why when they have all these pretty things and they lay them out on a table and take a picture, the result is really disappointing.


The simple answer is, that approach will never work.


But we are going to go through this together and come out the other side, pretty victorious! Or so I hope!


But first things first, lets start with the basics. (Feel free to skip this if you are already up to speed with exposure / aperture etc – go back to the course contents to carry on)