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Nomadic | Woodland Event

Another great shoot with Nomadic who provide an immersive woodland dining experience, in Buckinghamshire. This time the food was prepared by Chef Eyal Jagermann (of Barbary fame) and assisted by Joel Braham from the brilliant The Good Egg.

This was a private corporate event and the food was incredible, the highlight being the vegetarian arayes, pitta bread sandwiches stuffed with cheese and spinach. It was beautiful! Some of my favourite images from the day below.

Nomadic | A Woodland Dining Experience

On Saturday I was hired to photograph an outdoor event in Buckinghamshire, a private wood is host to Nomadic’s unique dining experience. Guests experience an immersive foraged feast surrounded by nature with dinner cooked by a talented chef. Each event differs, depending on the time of year, the chef and the weather. The chef creating Saturday’s feast was Chris Hruskova, a Danish michelin starred chef who now runs a bakery in London. It was a joy to photograph, something I just love shooting observationally, capturing events as they happen and this event gave me so much to capture. Thanks for having me Noah!

Disclosure, I was hired to photograph the event, I was not asked or paid to blog about the event. All thoughts my own I just wanted to share something I enjoyed here.