Halloumi Hummous Brioche

the alternative to the fish finger sandwich... maybe

Halloumi Hummous Brioche Burger Recipe from Borrowed Light Blog

we actually make these all the time, they very easily please guests and really the effort is minimal! We've made it up as we went along but for those who don't like halloumi (we've met a few) we've used Chorizo (the sausage, sliced thickly and grilled) and instead of baby spinach, Rocket or just any lettuce you might have.


- Brioche buns (at least two per person)

- Hummous

- Halloumi (there's a lower fat version) - sliced (you need two slices per bun)

- Red Pepper (deseeded and cut into quarters - you need one quarter per bun)

- Baby Spinach


- Heat up the grill

- Layout the Halloumi slices and pepper quarters and grill, turn once the cheese starts to brown and the peppers start to chargrill

- Cut the brioche in half

- Once the Halloumi & Peppers are done, remove, keep warm and place the brioche under the grill, they brown very quickly so watch they don't burn, 30 seconds can be enough.

- Spread a generous amount of hummous on the brioche

- fill with spinach

- then stack with two slices of halloumi and one slice of pepper, squash down

- serve and eat immediately!

Skin on fries & ketchup goes well with these too!