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This post is a paid advertorial with Tesco.


How do you do Christmas? Do you follow a strict routine? Tree up on the first of December, carols on consistently till the 26th, same menu for the BIG DAY since time began? What are your Christmas traditions?

We’ve gone through a different set of traditions over the years, at my parents we always had turkey, which no one liked, until it clicked that we don’t have to have turkey, so we switched to duck. Revolutionary! At least one sprout is obligatory, that tradition unfortunately has not changed. The Christmas Pudding was always cooked in the pressure cooker on the assumption that microwaving it wouldn’t be as good, until one year, the pudding was forgotten and time constraints meant the microwave had to be used, and everyone agreed it tasted just as good! There are always too many cakes and always a fruit salad for ‘health’ reasons? And everyone has to wear their paper hat, regardless of it messing their hair or sliding down their face and obscuring their vision. There’s some kind of family game in the evening, it used to be Trivial Pursuit until it was banned as my mum, it seemed, had spent the previous 12 months memorising all the answers and got all the ‘cheeses’ and squealed and gloated and made the rest of us ‘cheeseless’ folk incredibly grumpy and bitter. The last few years it’s been Family Quiz. Which I’m pleased to say Team Me & My Mum, have won each time.

Christmas along with all the traditional food and special treats is the time to experiment in being indulgent and I’ve decided to take on Christmas Morning Breakfast which has never had a tradition that’s stuck, so inspired by Tesco, I’ll be recreating this creamy baked egg and smoked salmon recipe. So pretty and although it looks like lots of effort went into it, it’s actually really easy and I’m teaming it up with Tesco’s Finest Premier Cru Champagne! And why not?  

Christmas is all about the traditions, the repetitions of previous years but if you are not enjoying the same old thing, who says you can’t start a new one! Thanks Tesco for giving me permission to do something new this Christmas!

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This post is a paid advertorial with Tesco, all thoughts are my own. #Everyoneswelcome @TescoFood